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Our Mission:  One IV Solutions was founded to rapidly bring the benefits of SEALED, SAFE, and SECURE IV dressings to clinicians and patients around the world.

Imagine: perfect - every time

An invisible, pervasive, and unacceptable problem has been facing the healthcare community for over 75 years – Peripheral IV catheter failure. 


One IV Solutions has developed a patented novel catheter dressing system that, for the first time, comprehensively addresses the entire set of forces acting to cause this failure. It is the first catheter technology to durably seal the catheter and its insertion site against outside contamination. The novel sealing mechanism also naturally stabilizes and secures the catheter, and does so in a way that is simple, fast, user-friendly, and highly reproducible. 


The result: a durably protected, fully sealed, stabilized and secured IV catheter.

"A mean failure rate of nearly 50% would be unacceptable for food processing, automobile driving, cell phone use, let alone air travel...why has it been accepted for the most commonly performed invasive hospital procedure worldwide?”

-Bob Helm, Accepted but Unacceptable


The nascence of One IV Solutions began nearly ten years ago, when Dr. Robert Helm observed a pervasive problem in the medical world: with medical advancements rapidly occurring in every field, the most basic of all medical procedures remained virtually unchanged.

IV catheter technology was failing.

He published a landmark paper, Accepted but Unacceptable, calling the medical community's attention to this glaring issue and sparking a conversation that continues to this day. That paper became the #1 most cited. Not satisfied with calling awareness to the probelm, Bob quickly began work on a true solution, and thus was born the One IV Solution.

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