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It has been estimated that a single case of catheter-related bloodstream infection (CR-BSI) adds 7 to 20 days to hospital length of stay and up to $56,000 in additional cost, with total costs reaching as much as $2.3 billion in US intensive care units alone, each year.

In today’s world of multidrug-resistant bacteria and cost and resource efficiency control, the high failure rate of currently applied IV catheter systems mandates that the system be thoroughly questioned.

A catheter failure rate of 35% to 50% in the best of hands is unacceptable to patients, caregivers, and the health care system.

In other words - accepted, but unacceptable.


One IV Solutions has developed a novel, circumferentially-mounted catheter dressing system that fundamentally changes the form and function of the traditional PIVC dressing, as well as the method by which this dressing is placed.

It is the first catheter technology to fully and durably seal the catheter and its insertion site against outside contamination, which fully stabilizes and secures the catheter in a rapid, intuitive, user-friendly, highly reproducible, and cost-efficient manner.

The result is a durably protected, fully sealed, stabilized, and secured IV catheter - rapidly and correctly placed, every time.


Describe one of your services


Describe one of your services


Describe one of your services

"This technology shows immense promise for patient safety. Since the demonstration, I have looked specifically at the 'gap' between the dressing and the skin at the inflection point where the catheter exits the dressing. These gaps are sometimes enormous! I feel my assessment is limited in details due to my lack of actual touching/using it. I'm excited at the potential for increasing patient safety and reducing clinical frustrations."

Clinical Survey Participant

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